It is one of the many things she allows herself now, among the hugs and kisses and the bare hands and winter. She thinks she missed it even more than the sight of her sister, even more than the feel of her, although Anna’s voice is not something she has been unfamiliar with over the years.

And she would be content if her sister never stopped calling her name; if, for every day of the rest of her life, she could answer it as she had longed to for years.



flowers and braids and things

Random strip from the apocalyptic AU.

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bested-by-emma: Hi! Your gifs are so beautiful! I'm a new account and I've been having a really hard time finding a good gif-editing program. Any suggestions? Thank you so much :) ~bested-by-emma

Thank you!! Photoshop is the best :) you can search coloring or psd blogs they usually have links to download it (I recommend the last versions like cs5 or cs6).